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Is There Evidence For Biblical Creation? Part 2

Biblegems #252

Question: How do we answer the criticism that the order of events in the Creation account contradicts scientific evidence?

It is important to note that the order of events in the Genesis account of creation does not contradict scientific evidence; it does, however, contradict current scientific theory.

Compare the order & origins of the universe from both worldviews:
(Note: y.a. = years ago. M. = million, b. = billion, etc.)

Genesis                                        Secular
[10,000 – 6,000 years ago]           [13.5 – 14 billion years ago]

Day 1         (1:1-5)                         0 sec. -300,000 years
Time, light & darkness,                           Eternal.atter & energy.
Big Bang (13.7 m.y.a.): time,  
shapeless earth & water,                expanding radiation,
space, first 24 hour day                 elementary particles,
                                                      intense heat.
Day 2         (1:6-10)                       300,000 – 150 million years (m.y.)
Sky & Ocean                                  Universe dominated by “dark Matter”              

Day 3         (1:11-13)                     150 – 1 billion years (b.y.)
Land & seas, mature                     Reionization:
vegetation reproducing                           Gravitational collapse
it’s own kind.                                  forms quasars &
                                                      ionized plasma.

                                                      1 b.y. – 9 b.y.
Day 4         (1:14-19)                     Star & galaxy formation, gas
Heavenly bodies                            pockets collapse & trigger
nuclear fusion.
Solar System (4.5 b.y.a.)

Day 5         (1:20-23)                     600 m.y.a.
Water creatures and birds             Fish
Reproducing their own kinds.
                                                      500 m.y.a.
Day 6         (1:24-31)                     land plants
Land creatures produced from
the ground reproducing                 400 m.y.a.
according to their kinds,                Amphibians, reptiles, forests
man separately created                
to oversee the earth and               300 m.y.a.
reproducing according to               Dinosaurs evolve,       
human kind.                                   Mammals evolve

                                                      200 m.y.a.
                                                      Bees, birds, flowering plants

                                                      100 m.y.a.
Apes evolve, homo-sapiens evolve

Discrepancies between the biblical and secular views go well beyond the order of events and differences in time. The biblical worldview does not allow for long epochs of evolution, nor does the secular view allow for man to be created uniquely separate from the animals.

The question, however, is whether the Bible contradicts scientific evidence for the secular worldview. And the answer is that there is no evidence for human evolution from apes—none. That is speculative theory. There is no evidence for the evolution of dinosaurs from some other kind of creature— none. That is speculative theory. There is no evidence for the evolution of amphibians from non-amphibians— none. That is speculative theory. And there is absolutely no evidence of our solar system evolving from pockets of ionized gas expanding from a Big Bang 14 billion years ago— none. That is speculative theory.

These secular theories are based upon a host of false assumptions, such as the Uniformitarian Principle. That principle holds that all the processes we see at work in the universe today have been uniformly at work throughout all time. Based on that principle, it is assumed that since light travels at approximately 186 miles per second, we can determine how long it takes light from a star to travel to earth, estimate the stars distance from earth, and estimate the star’s relative age.

If, however, God cast the stars into their relative positions in space at His command as the Scripture reveals, time and space at the moment of creation exceeded the speed of light by a vast degree, canceling out the carefully constructed mathematical formulas based upon speculation and assumption.

Rom. 1:20  For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

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